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Omkaro's bio continued.....


Omkaro landed on U.S. shores in the eighties, and has remained since,  his main bases being Maui, and the San Francisco Bay Area. He considers his work to be that of a digital shaman. "When I'm up there on stage, I'm not only doing the keyboard/computer thing, but I'm also channeling energy." He is a spiritual healer, and music is just one of his vehicles. "I believe I've been involved in the healing arts for many lifetimes!" he says. "My life is about spiritual awakening and my work here seems to be about the same. Everything in the world is temporary. I want to express what is eternal..the human spirit. My music, and Lost's music is alchemical, or transformational in nature." Indeed, the name of his record company he created to market his first album was "Alchemical Music." He never did spend much time learning music theory or playing other peoples' music. "I get turned on by channeling music. I just get out of the way as much as possible and let it just come thru me. That's where the power of the music comes from! And the fun!"

He released his first critically-acclaimed solo new-age album "Earth Awakening" in 1990. It is an "Upbeat new age" CD he describes. It was the beginning of his vision to bridge new age music with rock, and later dance music. Since then he was influenced by techno, house, trance and ambient and has further developed his style.

He was the cofounder, keyboard player and programmer for Lost At Last , a pioneer in cutting edge live trance, which took the West Coast and Hawaai by storm from 1996 till 2004.

"Most new age music," he says, "is centered around the upper chakras while most rock and techno is centred around the lower chakras. Trance sometimes addresses some higher and lower centres but it is hard to find music which resonates all the chakras simultaneously. My intention has always been to create this musical experience which opens all the energy centres. Lost At Last was doing this I believe, and so is my new project , Dance Medicine."

Om currently resides in Northern California. 

Besides his role as an alchemical musician, he is also a spiritual healer, and occaisionally offers private sessions and weekend healing gatherings.

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