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Omkaro, (aka Om), is the producer and creative inspiration behind Dance Medicine.

Besides being a keyboard player, electronica wizard, multi-instrumentalist and composer he is also a spiritual healer and energy channel

Digital Shaman... Trancemaster...these are some of the ways that people refer to Omkaro. He was the programmer, keyboard player and groove central for Lost At Last, a well known tribal trance band originally from Maui..

Born in South Africa, he took up guitar at a young age, and took up keyboards later.... At age 19,he left home and college, where he had started to study medicine. "I couldn't quite get into the program there." he says, "I knew a normal life wasn't for me. I needed to explore the world and myself." So he went out to travel the world. And himself! He spent many years traveling many continents and exploring both the outer and inner worlds. He ended up spending 11months in India with the enlightened master, Osho. " I¹m forever thankful for the experiences."

Omkaro landed on U.S. shores in 1982, and has remained since. He considers his work to be that of a digital shaman. "When I'm up there on stage, I'm not only doing the keyboard/computer thing, but I'm also channeling energy." He is a spiritual healer, and music is just one of his vehicles.

Natasha Popova

Natasha Popova is a violinist who performs worldwide. She started to play violin at age of 5. Classically trained at the prestige Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, she won many regional and International violin competitions in Russia and Spain. Traveling around the world, she performed as a soloist with major Symphony orchestras of Russia and Germany, Switzerland, Austria. She collaborates with many internationally recognized artists, including Arkady Shilkloper, Charlie Armstrong, Sergei Penkin and others. She has appeared in several movies and Russian National TV series, and has also participated in different projects in many countries. 

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Deva Priyo

Deva Priyo was born in Sicily, Italy, and has lived on many continents. He learned guitar from an early age and has become a guitar virtuoso. He also plays many other stringed instruments like Sarod and Berimbau, and is an accomplished percussionist. He was the cofounder of Lost At Last, together with Omkaro and Jaya Lakshmi, which was a cutting edge live trance band which took the West Coast and Hawaii by storm from 1996 to 2004. He has his own band Gypsy Moon, and currently lives in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Many other talented artists have and are contributing their amazing talent to Dance Medicine

Tatiana Mikhailova

Ken Becker

Eostar Kamala

Ashel Seasunz

Amy Carr

April Dawn

Taressa Bell


Bruce Klein

GAry Carpenter

Sukhawat Ali Khan

Jaya Lakshmi

and many more.........